Who is Esther Maina & Why She is Trending

Prominence is one of the contributors for one to be on the lips or fingertips of netizens in order to set social media ablaze.

A lady identified as Esther Maina took Twitter by storm for negative reasons resulting in the big question of who she is.

A thorough look at the activity on the interaction platform revealed that Maina is the County Commissioner of Machakos County.

Machakos County Commissioner Esther Maina during a past function

The female person through a series of tweets is alleged to be involved in the abuse of office through intimidation.

A screenshot of a document obtained by this reporter indicated that a worker was threatened under her orders.

The unidentified person remarked that he was blocked from doing his duties when going to inspect an illegal connection of a sewer line.

The victim affirmed that police officers were deployed at the site on the orders of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Maina to ensure that the connections were restored, failure to which they would be arrested.

Statement of threats made after orders from Machakos County Commissioner Esther Maina

A further dig into the curiosity surrounding the claims towards the county official shows that a formal complaint was taken to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

According to the document tabled by the Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK), Commissioner Maina is a ruthless public servant.

It is proclaimed that the first time she made headlines was when she refused to hand over her Kiambu office after being transferred in 2015.

She was expected to pave way for Alex Ole Nkoyo who was to take over the mantle.

The matter, however, developed a new twist after it was stated that she was hardly in office and had ‘excuses’ on why she did not want to leave the post.

Information disclosed indicated that her connections to powerful people in the Office of the President, enabled her to transfer herself to Embu County and later Nyandarua County.

County Commissioner Esther Maina

In Nyandarua, it’s pointed out that she enjoyed protection from the then governor, Daniel Waithaka Mwangi before she moved to her current post in Machakos.

The series of transfers orchestrated raised eyebrows on why she is only being revolved around the Nairobi region.

“Indeed it is not a matter of speculation but a matter of selective preference and unequal treatment which in itself ought and must be investigated to contextualize our view that she has been, and continues to abuse her office and powers as a County Commissioner, as aided by the Office of the President,” read a part of the document by Cofek.

The organisation highlighted that the ‘powerful’ woman in the Kamba area, made it a habit to give orders to have the law broken without consequences.

“Ms Maina has continued to abuse her powers and office by purporting to bluntly disregard Court Orders, for instance, in Environment and Land Court Petition No. 35 of 2010 (at the Machakos Law Courts) by failing to enforce the Orders of the Court as issued on October 4, 2019 by Justice Oscar Angote.

“This is the matter of Kapa Oil Refineries & 7 Others vs Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) & 2 Others. Instead, Ms Maina has been ordering her police officers to clash with the police officers attached to EPZA to storm sensitive installations of the EPZA water meters to breach the lawful orders of the Court – and make illegal connections,” continued a part of the document.

The group in addition claimed that Maina repeatedly made calls and verbally attacked senior officers of the EPZA on account of their attempts to implement the decisions of the Court.

On Wednesday, details emerged that she directed her Deputy David Juma to write to EPZA acting CEO stating that he should stop disrespecting the sub-county Environment Committee resolutions.

The question on what will be done to Maina remains answered if the allegations are to be swept under the rag.

Letter by the Machakos Deputy County Commissioner

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