Patanisho: I Got My Relative Pregnant, Please Forgive Me!

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A 23-year-old man reveals that he fell in love with a lady who was in Secondary School.  She had lied to him that she had cleared her Form Four but after investigating her, he found out that the student had been requested by the parents to repeat.

Suddenly, the girl disappeared from home and went to stay with him after they realised she is expectant. Her mother came for her and aborted the child.

After he found out his child was aborted, he tried to commit suicide by poisoning himself at the ‘mother-in-law’s house but it didn’t bore any fruits. He is currently married and expecting another child with his new lover and all he wants is forgiveness. This is because he insulted the daughter’s mother.

During the call, the daughter’s mother was called and she sounded very depressed.

She said she felt disrespected and does not want to do anything with him because he impregnated her young daughter.  She also added that her daughter has never contacted him.

“Msichana wangu hana simu, asidanganye ana simu,” she stated with fury. 

The mother later revealed that this man is a part of their family clan. Immediately after hearing this, he hangs up.

“Yeye ni wa ukoo wetu, ni kama uncle wetu,” the mother said.

She rejected his forgiveness and said that he needs to keep off.



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