Jipange Madam! How Women Can Spot and Avoid Tricky Men Like Jowie Irungu When Dating

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The Jacque-Jowie drama has unfolded new details of their relationship that brings to light the current situation of many Kenyan women who keep their men like house-husbands while they grind tirelessly.

New details have emerged in the ongoing court case over the murder of Monica Kimani thanks to Jacque Maribe’s house help. Pamela had worked for Teryanne Chebet for five years before moving to Maribe’s home in 2016.

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Pamela told the court that Jowie used to take Jacque to work and return to the house and later in the evening he would pick her from work. She added that all he did was take Jacque to work and come back to sleep.

Jowie’s case is not unique as many Kenyan women are the providers of their homes while all their men do is sleep and eat and satisfy their women’s bedroom needs. Some have questioned whether Jacque Maribe was dickmatized and hence that is why she kept him in his house.

The men who enjoy these privileges, like Jowie, who should be avoided mostly lie in one of the following categories:

Slay kings

You will most likely meet these men at the club. They are usually bearded and dressed in some of the latest fashion trends. They are good to look at but that’s pretty much all they are good for.

Light skin men

Most Kenyan light skin men know they look good and just like their women counterparts, know they can get anything they want without necessarily working for it.

Cheers baba

These ‘You guy my guy’ speaking guys are so full of themselves they believe living with you is doing you a favour. Beware! You will pay for their lifestyle with sweat and blood.

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