Itumbi Reveals His Special Relationship With Ruto

State House Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has praised Deputy President as a warm and friendly boss.

Itumbi, in an interview with The County, revealed that Ruto is a workaholic and a great source of motivation to him.

“Ruto is your guy next door. He is firm, friendly and he keeps reminding me to get married by the way” Itumbi said adding that “if inspiration was a person, it would be William Ruto in my life. We both work late into the night and rise early”.

William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto [Photo, Courtesy]
He also disclosed the Deputy President as a person who is open to fresh ideas and likes to experiment new things.

“Beyond that, he is a great boss, he experiments, he opens up space for fresh ideas and damn.

“He now believes that beyond the Blue Economy, there is something called the Creative Economy and he has given me a chance to empower those I can on that space.

Itumbi also had kind words for President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he described as cool.

Dennis Itumbi

He said:  “I am lucky to have the President as a boss, a friend and mentor. He once gave me a movie titled Shaka Zulu. Google a synopsis of it and you will understand the President has no problem with criticism, praise and difference in opinion”.

Itumbi denied claims that he was fired from State House stating that he still has an office there and also downplayed the Wednesday incident at The Bomas of Kenya which saw one of the President”s guard chase him away from the podium.

He said the bodyguard was only doing his work.

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