Diamond’s Sister Speaks After She Was Accused Of Aborting

Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen has been forced to speak after she was accused of procuring an abortion.

For the past few months, fans had speculated that she was expectant after a photo revealing her tummy went viral.

The bulging tummy was spotted by hawk-eyed social media users during Tanasha’s baby shower-when she was expectant with her first child with Diamond.

Queen Darleen had downplayed the claims stating that pregnancy cannot be hidden and if the claims were true then the pregnancy would eventually show.

Diamond's sister, Queen Darleen responds to pregnancy rumors

In a recent interview, the mother of one addressed the abortion claims saying that she was not expecting a child and what fans saw is just her usual outlook.

She also added that the pressure on social media can not stop her from getting pregnant if she desires.

“Kiukweli sina mimba yani hili ni tumbo langu. Naomba niwatoe hofu ya kwamba sina mimba na niko vizuri kabisa. Yani watu wengine wameshaanza kusema sijui nimetoa mimba…

Hakuna mtu anayekataa mtoto, kila mtoto na riziki yake. Alafu mimi ni mwanamke nina maisha yangu nisiseme eti sizai kwasababu ya watu wa Insta. Hawanihusu.” she said

Queen Darleen also revealed that people have been sending her messages encouraging her not to abort in case she is pregnant.

She also made it clear that she can never terminate a pregnancy and added that she wishes to get another child soon.

The wasafi artist got her first child 15 years ago and although she has always wanted a second born, she believes that it all requires planning.

Check out her interview.

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