WAGS: The Kenyan Racing Couple Who Love Snake-Game

Geoff Mayes and Suzanne Zwager are big names in the Kenyan Motorsports. Geoff is a driver while Zwager is his co-driver. And as interesting as it sounds, they are a couple!

Suzanne Zwager, Geoff Mayes’ wife. (Photo: Courtesy)

Where did they meet? Your guess is as good. “We met at a rally in Nanyuki. I was co-driving. She was there supporting her cousin who also competes,” Geoff, who has more than 16 years’ experience in the rally, told Opera News.

Their third anniversary was in February, and the top of their list was a romantic rally raid. That’s what they love doing.

Suzanne Zwager and Geoff Mayes. (Photo: Courtesy)

“We spend most of our time together. Making stories, making fun of each other, planting flowers, but what beats everything is racing- even if it’s for fun. That’s what we did for our third anniversary,” Geoff said.

One notable thing about Suzanne is worth mentioning in this relationship. She likes it when the man of the house drives extremely fast. And that amazes Geoff.

“Sometimes we laugh a lot while in the rally car. Sometimes I get frustrated in the car and she doesn’t like me shouting… even if I’m shouting at myself or the car. But it is interesting that she doesn’t get scared and always pushes me to go faster!” he said.

Suzanne Zwager. (Photo: Courtesy)

Geoff and Suzanne are also good wildlife photographers but Geoff does snake-game as a hobby “One of my hobbies is catching snakes,” Geoff said.

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