” I am HIV Positive And I slept With Him Severally, He is Still HIV Negative,” Woman Confesses

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Nowadays HIV victims are revenging by sleeping around with those they feel hurt them. Some of them feel at peace because they felt it’s the best thing to do.

A single 30 year old woman who is HIV positive confesses how a certain man was interested in her and forced her to sleep with him. They had sex a couple of times, done HIV tests and the guy is still HIV Negative.

“I have never told anyone. how could I????. My name is Mercy and I am in my early thirties, still single no kids and not enjoying life as I should but am happy to alive.

There’s this guy that became friends with me some while back and we liked each other even though I set a strong boundary. Nothing has ever happened between us and I mean it. He started getting closer and closer as days go by. I opted to distance myself from him and cut all the ties abruptly because sadly I have HIV so before that time I didn’t want to infect anyone. Karma is a B*, he did the unexpected, he started insulting me and telling people how he had spent a lot on me.

How I was a money guzzler among other bad stuff. tbh I had never asked for a single penny from him everything he did out of his own free will so that felt bad. He sent me videos of him having sex with other women saying he was glad God saved him from a gold digger. I decided enough is enough because that went on for, a long time. I reconciled with him with infecting him with the disease as my main target.

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I gave this guy the honeypot for a whole weekend without protection and on Monday before I left his house we had a morning glory. I left knowing I had destroyed a person’s life just like that but he forced me to do that to him. I had little regret but I had to do it. So  I blocked him knowing he will look for me and moved to a new place only for him to call me with another line asking for a sleepover.

I was shocked, I told him I don’t trust him so he had to come with an HIV test result if we were to do it again and sure he did, a negative result. I was so shocked, we did it again then I went for my test which came out positive. imagined we did it again and again and again and he always tested negative every time I asked for a test. 

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I could not believe it till now. I gave up and stopped hanging around with him but this is one of the biggest miracles I have ever seen and wonder how it can be possible maybe a doctor here can explain to me. I got born again though not deep but I’ve never tried doing that to a person again.

To this day the guy doesn’t know am hiv+.”

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