My Husband Joined A Cult And Tried To Sacrifice Us – Nairobi Lady Cries

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When a man sees a beautiful woman, he craves for her, he feels like she’s just perfect. But what happens when things take a turn for the worst.

What would you do if you found your partner had joined a cult and tried sacrificing you?

Some people are wired to crave attention and love always and find it hard to handle certain situations. It’s their nature, and a moment without their significant other around them makes them feel empty and useless.

Sometimes, people want to leave that bad relationship, but there are things we can’t see that stop them from making a move.

Priscillar Adipo gave a confession of her tribulations about her marriage and below is her confession:

I was ministering at a crusade when a man took my number from the CD I sold during the fellowship. Months later we courted with him and before I knew it we got married.

I got my firstborn before one year elapsed in marriage and even though it seemed quite early, I did not mind it. My husband would take me to the salon he would even take photos we were the envy of people because he really loved me.

Before two years were done things changed. After a while, my husband would go to work for a week and would never bring anything. He started sleeping out on fridays and never attended church which was the first hint.

I would ask him if he had attended any cult because I was shown a sign as I would constantly pray for him. Kuna wakati I received a call, someone, asking me if I was still prayerful.

I was told my husband was planning a wedding in Dandora sometime in March after giving birth in January. I had a cs so I could walk to rough places.

Every Sunday, my husband would say he is going to dandora to solve a divorce case and  I would ask if the case was over. One day I told him to invite us to the wedding in Dandora and he was shocked and started crying.

He openely confessed that a colleague had asked him to go for prayers and it was then they were told to strip and walk in a room backwards. They hit him on the head and started manipulating him about christianity.

He was asked to remove 5000 that he had and it that was the start of it. I was not shocked because I had noticed he had changed. He confessed that the cult requested that he left me for a wealthy wife of their ways. The sad thing is that this lady was already pregnant and he told me where all his things were.

I asked him to come home and called two pastors because I knew this was some spiritual battle. When my husband came home, he opened up about joining a cult and was paying them 5k every month. He requested not to eat food that I cooked or even have sex with me. They wanted to sacrifice me and our children.

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