3 Ways Kenyans Have Been Fooled With BBI – Nazlin Umar

The much anticipated BBI report release has thrown the country into a further flurry of mixed emotions.

If the tension created by the divisions over the document was not enough, a new twist has emerged over the brainchild by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Former presidential candidate, Nazlin Umar, on Tuesday, came out with damning claims into how the paperwork was a mastermind to fool Kenyans into believing it was meant to steer the country forward.

Through a Facebook post, Nazlin noted that Uhuru went against the constitution by ‘going to bed’ with Raila.

Deputy President William Ruto (left) with President Uhuru Kenyatta (Centre) and ODM leader Raila Odinga (Right)

The 2007 General Election presidential candidate remarked that Odinga fooled Kenyans by seeking an alliance with Uhuru and now needs to be held accountable for the mess facing the nation.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta has betrayed his oath of office and secretly entered into an unconstitutional coalition government with Raila,” read a part of the post.

She added, “No one can absolve Raila from the mess this nation is in. He is part and parcel of this Uhuruto shithole regime after he sold out his opposition place after he was bought in March 2018. Raila, Ruto and Uhuru will all be reviewed jointly in the litmus test of this government come 2022.”

The vocal politician commented that the BBI document will be used as an instrument of power to ensure control resides with the elite of elites.

She further asserted that aside from the two bigwigs, Deputy President William Ruto is not a saint as he portrays himself.

Politician Nazlin Umar during a past interview

Nazlin, who plans to vie for presidency again in the 2022 General Election, noted that Ruto was secretly pushing for the implementation of the project which she insinuated would result in another coalition government.

She pointed out that the DP would not shoot himself in the foot by leaving control to the man who has finished second in basically every presidential race.

“The BBI is the means of securing legitimacy for this betrayal, to perpetuate it for eternity into a control tower dominion over Kenya and its resources. And here comes the bombshell, believe me, the DP William Ruto will be part and parcel of the immoral BBI once they enforce it on the people,” uttered Nazlin.

She further maintained,”….And Ruto’s present opposition to the BBI is a bit of falsehood. It is a ploy to barter for the larger share in the coalition government of the BBI, more than what Raila has bargained for themselves. Can you imagine him agreeing to be out of a ruling government for the first time in his life? No.”

The once four-time nominee for the woman of the year award proclaimed that the DP was using reverse psychology to gain popularity.

According to Nazlin, the man from ‘Sugoi’ is using the initiative to salvage votes that he has lost so fast due to being roped into scandals, specifically the Weston Hotel one.

“It was a very well thought out ploy to have ‘ArapMashamba’ oppose the BBI so as to get public support FOR it, the swing vote, since ‘Black Mamba’ knows of his dwindling votes. He has been exposed as the Grand thief of public resources and murder of many key figures, is seen as the champion behind the genocide of post-election violence 2008, the burning of Kiambaa Church, his pending open file at the Hague, the chasing away of other tribes from Kalenjin strongholds and refusing their return to date, grabbing all their lands and properties there. He is hated by a majority of Kenyans,” noted the 2007 ex-presidential candidate.

On Monday, Ruto left a section of Kenyans perplexed with his ‘watermelon’ stance on the handshake project, reiterating that his work as the deputy president was not to advocate for the BBI.

He professed that his mandate was to help Uhuru push for developmental matters to take the country to a new level.

“When I was sworn in, I was told that my work mandated in helping President Uhuru to take the country forward,” declared the DP.

The tables, however, turned after leading congregants in praying for the report during a church service in Kiambu.

This begs the question, who is fooling who with hours to the revelation of the findings by the joint task force.

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