VIDEO: Man Caught on Camera Assaulting Female Security Guard

A video has emerged of a motorist disembarking from a vehicle and assaulting a female security guard before being restrained by passengers from the car.

In the footage said to have been taken from a residential estate in Komarock Phase 5, the man has a brief exchange with the lady security guard before engaging her in a brutal fist-fight.

A screengrab of a man assaulting a female security guard in Komarock. PHOTO: Courtesy

It takes the intervention of bewildered passengers from the man’s car who separate the two and drag him back to the car.

This comes just days after another man was remanded for assaulting a female supermarket attendant.

In the video from Eastmatt Supermarket, one of the employees at the store is reported to have assaulted the female cashier.

The man who has since been identified as Ahmed Keruti Taraiya was locked up after he denied all charges of assault at a court in Kajiado.

Taraiya unsuccessfully appealed to be released from his 11 custodial days demanded by the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

In his defence, Taraiya told the court he was the sole breadwinner in his house and that detaining him would only make life difficult for his kids.

He revealed that his kids were not staying with their mother and that he was also taking care of his mum in the village.

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