Woman Rep Anab Subow Throws Another Shade At Raila While Attacking BBI

Divided members of the Jubilee house party have insisted on disobeying their party leader president Uhuru Kenyatta by airing openly their disapproval of the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI), a product of the handshake meant to foster unity in the country.

A firm supporter of the Deputy president William Ruto Hon Anab Subow Gure has called the BBI a cow infected with anthrax stating that they will not waste time treating the terribly sick cow.

She has further explained that the hustler nation is doing press ups for the 2022 elections hence they don’t have time to read the expected report.

Garissa Woman Rep Anab Subow

Last time Garissa Woman Representative Subow was on the spot over her remarks was when she hurled insults at the opposition leader Raila Odinga during the Kibra by elections period where Imran Okoth emerged as the victor.

She found herself on the receiving end of Kenyans wrath over her a video that has gone viral referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised as well as an old man who is not aging.

Raila Odinga in Kibra

“Shetani ashindwee……..na huyu mzee anaitwa baba, sijui ni baba ya nani. Huyu mzee ni mkubwa hata hajatahirishwa. Yeye ni baba lakini aende Bondo akatahirishwe kwanza. Kwani yeye ni nani, mbona hazeeki,” said Ms Subow on

Loosely translated,“Rebuke the devil…this old man called Baba [father], I don’t know whose father. This uncircumcised old man should go back to Bondo and be circumcised first. Why is he not ageing.”

The head of state on Friday, November 22 announced that the peace project, Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report would be handed to him on Tuesday, November 26.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 4th graduation ceremony of Kibabii University on November 22, 2019

Kenyatta, who was speaking during the Kibabii University’s graduation ceremony in Bungoma County, urged Kenyans to carefully read the proposals in the document before deciding whether or not to support it.

He warned the public not to depend on politicians to interpret the document for them explaining that they would be the ones to face the consequences of their decisions.

According to lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi, we have four groups when it comes to BBI. Group 1 have swallowed it because BABA has read for them, group two have rejected it because Ruto has read for them, group three will read it once it is released and make their minds and group four will unfortunately never read it.

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