(EXCLUSIVE) Why Some ODM MPs Want Babu Owino Out

The recent series of predicaments haunting Embakasi MP Babu Owino points to a man under siege.

On November 5, two days before the Kibra byelections, the MP posted photos of himself in a hospital on Facebook. He would later disclose that he sought treatment at Aga Khan Hospital after being poisoned.

“I was poisoned at a local Nairobi restaurant occassioning my admission at the Aga Khan Hospital for an entire week. I saw them rejoicing and praying for my death. But I serve a living God and I was discharged,” he stated.

Babu Owino
Embakasi East MP Babu Owino [Photo, Courtesy]

Barely two weeks later, he came out with claims that unknown men, who have been trailing him for months, had attempted to assassinate him.

“I can report that I am a targeted man. I have been consistently followed during the day and at night by a saloon vehicle that I now know with four occupants. Yesterday, these men made an attempt on my life!” he said in a press release.

Babu Owino
Babu Owino’s statement on alleged assassination bid on his life [Photo, Facebook]
Babu blamed his woes on “speaking out in defense of ordinary people without fear or favour” This he noted, seemed to be “rubbing some people in high places the wrong way”.

Yet again on Friday, the man who was recently voted as the best MP, came out fire fighting after a photo of him preparing a white substance believed to be cocaine, for snorting, made rounds online. He claimed that his political enemies were behind the “photoshopped image”.

So Who Wants Babu Owino?

Nick Wesala, Embakasi East Communications Director told Opera News that some ODM MPs who are envious of Babu’s fast-rising political star are behind his recent woes.

“There is so much uneasiness amongst people in and out of our party that are out to tarnish the image and good reputation of our MP especially after being overwhelmingly voted as the best MP in Kenya”.

He added: “Hon. Babu Owino’s political star is shining optimally and hence people are fearful of his growth and massive attraction that he has on the Kenyan people. Haters are ready to go an extra mile in cyber cafes just to photoshop images and videos to tarnish his impeccable reputation”.

Wesala told this writer that they would soon name the MPs who are fighting the Parliamentarian.

“The enemies will soon be unearthed. We are going to name and shame them one by one and no amount of intimidation will cow his resolve to serve the people of Embakasi East” he divulged.

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