Raila Junior Brutalised in War With Miguna Miguna

Raila Junior was left injured and embarrassed after going head to head with Miguna Miguna.

The self-proclaimed NRM general punched Raila junior to a pulp with a response over remarks regarding the transformation of Nairobi.

Miguna, through a tweet, stated that ODM leader Raila Odinga’s son was dumb even after receiving education at prestigious universities outside the country.

Raila Junior during a past interview

The deported lawyer further schooled Raila Junior that changing the title of the city did not enhance the distribution of services.

To add the cherry on top of the cake, the Kenyan-Canadian citizen reiterated that Junior was confused like his father in matters to do with politics.

“You are as confused as your con-man “father.” Services are NOT distributed by changing the name from “county” to “borough.” Your castrated, cowardly father used public money to take you to the USA for studies and you only returned with the word BOROUGH. Go to sleep,” read a tweet from Miguna.

Miguna noted that children of prominent leaders citing Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta, needed to be put in their place and taught a lesson.

“Those spoilt brats feel entitled like their con-men parents and they must be put in their places constantly. Last week it was Despot Kenyatta’s functionally illiterate daughter trying to lecture the Kenyan youth about “empowerment” and now The Con-Man’s “son” is vomiting on us,” expressed the controversial politician.

The sentiments by the embattled NASA supporter left netizens on the floor with laughter in a fight that Raila’s offspring was clearly beaten hands down.

The following are some of the reactions:

Evans Rodi pointed out that it was a hard tackle from Miguna.

Jmuchui could not help himself but laugh at the embarrassing incident.

Felix Arap Rono remarked that,”Miguna Miguna have mercy on her him oh.”

Another netizen identified as Erick Otieno noted that,”And the General will come for your English. My friend run.”

Other social media users, however, condemned Miguna and told him to stop being petty.

Odhiambo Odima stated that,” Argue with him intellectually without bringing his father into it. His father being castrated or a coward adds no value to your point. He went to school and came back with the word borough, You went to school and only came back with insults.”

Odima’s sentiments were echoed by Abdikadir Mohammed who highlighted that, “Being educated doesn’t necessarily translate to being wise, Mr arrogant you lack wisdom that’s why you can’t Lead. You will remain general in Twitter arguing with Raila Junior and Ngina pole sana.”

Felix Ondieki questioned the former advisor to Raila on why he had to resort to such tactics.

Why these rants? Raila Junior just gave his independent thought. How quickly and angrily you find it convenient to attach his thoughts to his father is nothing but malice. You’re just bitter with the Odinga’s. There’s nothing patriotic in you!” commented Ondieki.

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