Kenyan Sentenced in US After Killing Policeman

A Kenyan living in the United States was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of murdering a policeman in the country.

The man identified as David Njuguna was convicted of manslaughter by the American court and handed a 5-7 year jail term.

The verdict was reached upon after emotional testimonies from the late law-enforcer Thomas Clardy’s family.

David Njuguna during the hearing of his case

Judge Janet Kenton-Walker stated that the decision would bring comfort to the family and act as rehabilitation for the 33-year-old.

Njuguna was facing the law for being responsible for a car crash that killed Thomas in 2016 in Charlton area.

The criminal was arrested after it was reported that he rammed into the car of the deceased which was parked during a traffic stop.

Information provided to the court by the prosecution team indicated that the Kenyan was overspeeding and high on marijuana.

David Njuguna awaiting the verdict of the court

The convicted man, however, heaved a sigh of relief after the court chose not to uphold the demands made by the team.

According to the legal group, Njuguna should have been given a more severe sentence of 10-12 years.

The tough prosecution organisation reasoned that the proposed years reflected the high degree of recklessness posed by the criminal.

Another setback for the lawyers baying for Njuguna’s blood was when Kenton-Walker, disregarded that he was high at the time of the incident due to the legal team’s failure to prove the argument.

During the hearing of the case, Njuguna’s lawyer apologized to the victim’s family on behalf of him and stated that the Webster man was also affected by the matter.

“No one here can say anything bad about Tom Clardy other than that he was a really good man and he did not deserve to die,” noted the defence attorney.

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