8 Companies That Have Fired Employees so Far in 2019

The employment sector in Kenya shifts and turns with every passing moment.

The job sector in 2019 has seen more downs than ups, in what is brewing to be a bigger storm as the year winds down.

Kenyans seeking employment and finding none has been the tune so far but new lyrics have been added in the form that more citizens are losing their work rapidly now, more than in the past years.

Termination notice by a company

Huge companies in recent months have made the headlines with the reduction of the workforce within a short notice.

The following are the eight companies that turned dreams into nightmares:


The leading betting company was brought to its knees after months of war with the government over the renewal of its licence.

On October 2, 400 members were sent home by the CEO Ronald Karauri after the firm shut down.

During a staff meeting convened at the offices, Karauri noted that it was the hardest decision and would have wished the situation was different.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri

The head of the company pointed out that the harsh environment created after the imposition of a 20 per cent withholding had made them close shop.

2. Betin

The second biggest betting enterprise followed its closest competitors footstep and terminated the contracts of the staff.

Unlike SportPesa, the Gamcode Limited owned company gave the workers time to set their house in order as their exit was to take effect on October 31.

A betin poster in Nairobi

Betin cited lack of revenues as the cause for their curtain fall due to not being in operation since July this year after Interior CS Fred Matiang’i order the halt to their services.

3. MediaMax

The media house dropped the hammer a year after it relaunched and brought on board stars in a bid to outdo other media houses in the country.

Big names such as Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Torome Tirike, were thrown out in a firing spree that saw 160 people become unemployed.

The number surpassed the one held by Standard group that sacked over 100 employees in 2017.

K24 logo

However, some of the people shown the door, have been recalled to the company that runs K24, Milele and Kameme FM.

4. Radio Africa

It seems there is something in the air as Radio Africa announced a plan to cut down the workforce due to financial challenges posed by having a huge group.

CEO Patrick Quarcoo explained that shrinking revenues had forced his hand as the company is set to announce the individuals who will be leaving the firm permanently.

Among those speculated to be on the way out are the Classic FM duo of Maina Kageni and Daniel Ndambuki aka Mwali King’ang’i who are said to be among the highest earners at the firm.

Classic 105 FM presenters Maina Kageni (Left) and Daniel Ndambuki alias Mwalimu King’ang’i

The truth of the rumours is yet to be confirmed as the organisation were expected to hold a meeting on Friday.

5. Silverstone Airline

The company had a case of bad luck streaming in one after another following frequent aeroplane mishaps that marred their activities.

Following a public outcry over the incidents that put the lives of their customers in danger, the government intervened and grounded all their Dash 8 fleet.

Days after complying with the directive, the embattled lowcost flying firm terminated the contracts of its employees after it expressed that it had become redundant.

A Silverstone airplane being prepped for takeoff

The notice took effect on November 18.

6. Finlay Flowers

The Kericho based flower firm left its employees shocked after it announced it would close shop by the end of the year.

An approximate number of 1,100 workers were left aggrieved by the verdict which was given on a short notice.

The management of the flower establishment reasoned that a weak exchange rate and high-cost labour was among the reason why the company was resorting to such measures.

A worker at one of the Finlay Flower Farms

It had already closed two of its branches, Chemirei and Tarakwet Farms.

7. Securex

October became a dark month for 222 workers of the security firm after their services were terminated by the organisation.

The Chief operating officer stated that the loss of the Two River’s mall assignment had pushed the agency to resort to that move.

Securex notice to employees [Photo, Courtesy]
“We refer to the number of last assignments through the year, a situation that has worsened as we approach the end of 2019. The losses can only be attributed to the prevailing difficult economic times prevalent in the country that have recently culminated in the loss of our Two Rivers assignment which released 222 of our security officers,” read a notice from the company.

8. Stanbic Bank

In a bizarre way to push out the excess workforce, the state of the art bank gave its worker an option to leave the facility through a voluntary early retirement package.

Following the notice, 88 workers were laid off.

A Stanbic bank branch

Stanbic chief executive officer Charles Mudiwa confirmed that the 88 would still be paid at the rate of 1.5 months salary for each full year of service in recognition of the service done to the bank.

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