5 Ways to Leave an Abusive Relationship Safely

Falling in love with someone could be so powerful that even when the sparks are gone, you might not know or might just not want to accept they are gone.

On some bad days, you could find yourself in a relationship with an abuser and you need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

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A lot of people are in one abusive relationship or another without actually knowing so.

There are different kinds of abuse in a relationship or marriage, and unless you know this, you can’t escape them.

There is also a chance you know what you’re going through, but you are scared to leave or you have no idea how to. Below are ways to help you plan when you wish to leave an abuser.

Spare some Money

Having in mind that abusive relationships are different, the nature of why you would wish to leave a particular relationship varies over time. If your partner who abuses you and your finances, then you probably may need to save something small every week. Ensure that all your savings, either huge or small are kept in your emergency bag.

Have an Emergency Bag

You need an emergency bag that will contain all that you need to survive for a few weeks or maybe months.

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It doesn’t have to contain much but make sure that it includes the necessities such as toiletries, a few changes of clothes, enough money, any medications that you or your kids may be on, copies of keys that you may need as well as those records that you have kept securely.

Record/ Document Your Happenings

If you are able to, it important to keep receipts of drugs bought to treat yourself and maybe the kids and so on.

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If you can, you can decide to even go further by creating videos and audios that were recorded discreetly while the abuse was going on.

Safe Haven

Essentially, if you are planning to leave an abusive relationship, it’s good to have in mind a place you will stay once you leave. Do you plan on going back home to your parents? Will a friend be willing to house you? Are you able to pay a hotel as you plan your next cause of action?

Inform your Relatives/Friends

Even if you do it in secret, every time you were abused by your partner, the most appropriate people to let know are your family and friends. They are the ones who will always support you in almost everything.

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