Police Missing in Action as JKUAT Student Is Stabbed

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) is once again on the spot over violent attacks against students at the institution.

This comes barely a week after the comrades staged demonstrations against the increasing levels of insecurity around the Juja based campus.

Ironically, the authorities, who the students were seeking to beseech to come to their aid during the demonstrations, turned on them, kicking and clobbering students in a reign of terror that trickled into a gunshot rented night.

In the latest case, a student was allegedly stabbed at Gashororo area, just outside a hostel gate by unknown assailants.

Students at the varsity have decried the absence of security forces even after the promise made by police after the early November riots.

Solving the insecurity issues regularly raised by students has been derailed by the fact that, while some students reside within the school’s hostels, a large section resides in private apartments outside the campus, making it hard for JKUAT administration to impose security rules outside its jurisdiction.

In February, a female student, in her first year at the campus, was stabbed to death after resisting a robbery attempt by thugs at Seagull Hotel area.

During the Nov. 13 demonstrations, the discord between the JKUAT students and the neighbouring community was highlighted after a video emerged, of locals roughing up a rioting student, and throwing him into a ditch filled with sewerage water.

Other students were also reportedly attacked and injured by aggrieved locals.

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