Mother, Sisters to Murder Suspect Peter Mugure Heap Praise on His Character

The family of the prime suspect in a murder case involving Joyce Syombua(31) and her two children Shanice Maua, 10, and Prince Michael, 5 on Wednesday came out to heap praise on his character portaying him as a genuine person.

His mother, 75-year-old Hannah Mugure, said that in his early years Peter only had books as his friends which saw perform exemplary in his studies, ” he was a quiet A student,” she was quoted by Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange.

One of his sisters would also reverberate the same saying that Peter was an intensely private and disciplined man, “he was a straight guy,” she said.

Peter Mugure(hiding his face) is the main murder suspect in a tripple homicide

The other sister said Syombua and Mugure used to love each other and never used to quarrel whereby she observed this when they used to stay at her place for a while.

According to them, Mugure relationship with Syombua turned sour under unclear circumstances which ended at some point in a court dispute.

Syombua had taken Mugure to Children’s court for the upkeep of their children.

                                        Syombua(Left) with her two children Shanice and Michael

Mugure’s mother fondly remembered how his son introduced her to Syombua in 2005 and said he would marry her after he was done with school.

She, however, was surprised that she had grandchildren for she had never been introduced to them.

The family’s hope is that Mugure will be exonerated of his charges and prove to people what a different person he is as of what the world knows him to be.

A postmortem has revealed that Joyce Syombua died after suffering injuries to the head from a blunt object while her two children Shanice Maua, 10, and Prince Michael, 5, were both strangled using a rope.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, however, still insists that the identities of the murder victims are presumptive and that DNA analysis will ascertain their true identities.

The three bodies were found buried in a shallow grave at Thingithu Estate in Nanyuki on Saturday evening.

Major Peter Mugure, has already appeared in court and is currently being held in police custody.

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