What Went Wrong? Kakamega County Finally Elbowed From The Top in KCPE Results

Until 2019 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE) results were released, Kakamega County had proved itself unbeatable in producing the top candidate in the national primary exams.

For four consecutive years, the county unwaveringly stuck to the top position churning out the creme de la creme of the country’s KCPE results unapologetically.

Victor Odhiambo of Daisy Special School the top candidate 2016.

In 2015, Aggrey Akhanyinya from St Joseph Academy in Kakamega County was the best candidate with 449 marks.

In 2016, Oduor Victor Odhiambo of Daisy Special School in the same county emerged the best candidate with 437 marks.

In 2017, Goldalyn Kakuya from St Anne’s Junior Lubao, Kakamega County went a bit higher and attained 455 marks.

Goldalyn Kakuya being carried soared high after the 2017 KCPE results.

In 2018,  Rawlings Odhiambo from Kakamega Hill School jointly held the top position with Olive Mwea from Riara Road Primary School by both scoring 453 marks.

Indeed, Kakamega county had established itself as the home of the best.

But in 2019 KCPE results, the top students Fabiola Mukabane, from Booker Academy, scooped the fifth position with 437 marks and in all appearances recorded fewer candidates in the top ten.

The top candidate Andy Munyiri came from Damacrest Group of Schools, Thogoto, Kiambu County with 440 marks.

Kakamega Hill School which produced the top student in 2018 had the first student attaining 433 marks.

 Rawlings Odhiambo from Kakamega Hill School being celebrated in 2018 KCPE results.

Though a good number of students might have attained exemplary marks, the question that still begs for an answer remains: where is the unwavering performance that Kakamega County is known for?

According to Kakamega Hill School Director Selpha Tuyiye, who spoke to this writer, the school had nothing to regret.

“We have had challenges of losing our headteacher but we are very happy with the results. We have produced good results because out of 170  students over 70 had 40o marks.

“So what matters is not having a single candidate at the top but having better results for the majority. So we are happy and we are sure next year we will be back on the Top,” said the Tuyiye.

2019 top candidate Andy Munyiri came from Damacrest Group of Schools.

On the other hand, Kakamega Hill School Deputy headteacher Tom Mwigabo believes that the domination of the region in the national exams had made other counties hawk-eyed on their mechanisms of teaching.

He said a number of the school had visited the region to benchmark on better ways of producing quality results.

“We have accepted as a region. Whoever doesn’t accept to be defeated is not a worthy competitor but all in all we are happy for the results.

“The way we have been leading other regions have been observing and some of them have been coming here to observe our teaching skills so maybe they did so and outclassed us,” said Mwigabo.

Though schools in Kakamega County deserves a standing ovation for holding the top position for four consecutive years, the 2019 results are in all appearances a wake-up call to them and that any laxity will definitely send them to the bottom.

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