Reasons Why Kenyans Over 28 Have More Than 2 Women

One of the biggest mysteries in life is trying to find out why a man would have more than one woman.

Another mystery that is bigger is how men would comfortably be in a relationship with two women.

Many women perceive that being hot, beautiful and appealing will have her man will stick with her and have no reason whatsoever to look for anything more outside the relationship.

This, however, is not true, as many men especially those over 28, are likely to find another woman and here is why;


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A little too obvious, but money has always been a root of all evil. At 28, many men usually land themselves a job or are financially becoming stable. This easily makes them want to date other women, why you ask? Because they can afford the dates, and even taking care of her “Little” needs.

Peer Pressure

Most Kenyan men aged 28 and above engage in various events, for example, Cheers Baba with their friend and these will most likely have them act like their friends.

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”, right? This adage is very real. You’re the company you keep. It’s hard to live amongst men who believe in running after women all the time and be the sane one among them.

Option B

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Maybe their women are busy they want an assistant. Many men seek thrills and fun in different ways, and for some men, getting another woman in their life is just the perfect way to get enough of it.

Sex Drive

As men grow older, the higher their sex drive. When a woman cannot satisfy her man in the bedroom, despite all of his attempts to get her to, there’ll come a time when he perhaps just chooses to look outside his relationship for those things he cannot get.


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Before hitting their 30s many men want to hit as many p*****s as possible. Months or years later, when they decide to get a wife or a woman to settle down, they assume they have lived their best life before that time.

Lack of responsibility

Many men especially those who get two women, have most likely cheated on their partner and get comfortable at it because they will still be forgiven. Women nowadays are more likely to stick around even when they learn their partner cheated or has another woman.


Men want to brag they have slept with many women. Having two or more women makes them feel desirable and better about themselves.

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Emotional responsibility

Men, like women, like to get attention. They want to feel loved, and one of the ways that can happen is by having the woman in their life show them emotional support. Many men have been accused of running away and getting another woman.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

When a man’s needs are not met in the bedroom, they use that as an excuse to get another woman.

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Men would taste as many women as they can before God takes them back. The mere fact that they are growing older fascinates them, forcing them to try as many women as they can.


Men get cheeky at times, they will have a woman for a different event. One will act as a wife and another lady for going to the club.

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