Joey Muthengi Speaks on Return to Citizen’s ‘10 Over 10’ Show

Joey Muthengi has spoken on whether she would return to 10 over 10 after leaving in an alleged huff a few months ago.

This was in an exchange with a fan on social media who complained that the show had gotten boring since Joey left.

“Si urudi sweetie, show sai inaboo,” wrote one fadhela2.

Joey then replied with, “Lol wish I could but it’s not gonna happen.”

Miss Muthengi who is currently at Capital FM had earlier admitted that leaving citizen was a very difficult decision but things worked out in the end.

“Hey, November! Today marks 1 year since I left my last job. It was a very difficult decision. Yet God guided me to the place I am now. Today I am happy, content & know that I am loved,” she tweeted.

Dirty and Putrid Show

Her happiness and contentment could be attributed to the fact that she no longer has to deal with Ezekiel Mutua’s drama that she encountered while on 10 over 10.

Even during her exit, Ezekiel sent her off with a putrid rant on social media, accusing her and Willis of ‘turning on’ their audience members.

“Joey says to the cheering fans as she signs off her last on 10/10 that she is going to the club after the show. She’s of course, dressed the part. These are the role models for our youth. Is it any wonder we have such scary rate of teen pregnancies? 10/10 has promoted immorality among the youth in Kenya probably more than any other program in the country. I am told last night it was scatological obscenity paraded on a studio that is for all intents and purposes a club and a live discotheque. The youths are mobilized from the ghettos and entertained wildly the whole evening, cheering madly as they are being sexually turned on by irresponsible show hosts and artistes. Where do they go and what do they do after the evening of sexual arousal? Your guess is as good as mine. Although this show comes after the watershed period (past 10 pm), it’s dirty and putrid. And the kind of rot aired last night is inappropriate and irresponsible given that kids are on holiday and likely to be watching,” read the rant in part.

He then went on to add, “The intention of this show is to sexually turn on the youth. It promotes immorality and the sole purpose for airing it is not to promote music or entertainment. No. It’s a tool for sexual perversion and wickedness. I wish the owners of the station could use the frequencies to promote real creativity within the bounds of ethics. They can defy decency and regulations all they want, but one day we shall have a country where media houses are not platforms for promoting perversion and sexual immorality to destroy our youth. We warned Marie Stopes about their abortion adverts and they ignored us. Now the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board has commenced investigations and we are filing a suit against them. Sooner or later the chicks will come home to roost. The long arm of the law will one day catch up with these purveyors of immorality. They do it for money, but the damage caused to the youth is too grave. God is watching. Joey has misused her God-given talent to mislead the youth and lure them into immorality and evil in the name of entertainment. So do so many artistes and show hosts in Kenya. Then we wonder why we have thousands of kids sitting their exams in maternity wards? We are a sick society and the media preys on our reprobate minds to destroy our children as they make money with betting, dirty programs, and negative politics!”

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