Clever Ways to Put Your Unworn Socks Into Good Use

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Having a pile of unused socks is annoying and it does is occupy more space in your house/room.

You may have a number of old socks that you have accumulated over the years and you think you have no use for, but it is time for you to put them to good use.

Below are some hacks to use if you want to re-use your unwanted socks.

  •  Use your old socks to hold your jewellery when you travel. The sock will provide cushioning and it can also provide safety by deterring thieves (hopefully).
  • You can use spare socks when you need to pack breakables like glasses or vases or use them as padding in boxes to help. They prevent breakages.
  • When moving furniture at home, put socks on the feet of your chair or table legs to prevent scratching the floors.
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  • You can cut off the cuff part of the sock and put it on wrapping paper rolls to help prevent the paper from sliding off.
  • You can use the cuff part of any of your old socks to wrangle and contain loose electrical cords.
  • There’s no need to go out and buy dust rags if you have a few unmatched socks laying around. Use them instead of paper towels.
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  • When next you want to weed your surroundings or do some gardening, put sock cuffs over your knees to protect your clothes and provide a bit of padding.
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  • You can also cut the upper most part of several unused socks into strips, and tie them into a knot. Sew it shut with cotton thread, in a circular way creating a door mat.

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