4 Benefits Of Casual Sex


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Casual sex is too risky but there are quite a number of people who still practice it.

There are many reasons why people would opt to go casual although more people confess that they prefer sex with a romantic partner.

Apparently, there are rules to casual sex including using protection. Failing to adhere to the rules has led to consequences like contracting STIs or getting unplanned pregnancies among other negative outcomes.

Other negatives are that the involved parties might end up bringing in emotions or losing interest in long term relationships.

Despite the high risks, those who have had casual sex agree that there are some benefits as well.

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Always getting to try someone new – Having sex with a new person whenever the desire hits you gives you the chance to be adventurous and try out all your sexual fantasies. It also improves your bedroom skills.

Being with one person might limit you to only what works for your partner.

Disclaimer! Having multiple partners puts you at a high risk of getting sexual diseases.

You’re not confined to a relationship – Not everyone is a fan of commitment. Casual relationships can be an easy way to keep off from relationship drama.

It is simple and fun – It is easier to get. With casual sex, you are guaranteed to have sex whenever you want.

Can be good for your well being – Casual sex, like couple sex can be good for your well being only if you like and enjoy it.

According to a study which was published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, people who engaged in casual sex were reported to have a higher well being.

The research was conducted on a group of undergrads after they engaged in casual sex. The findings indicated that they had higher self-esteem, lower rates of depression and anxiety.

Those who are not casual sex lovers but still engaged in it did not get positive outcomes.

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