“As I Was Rushing I Bumped Into Dad Harassing a girl,” Depressed Son Confesses.

Parents are becoming insensitive to their children and this needs to be addressed. Many children end up hurt, confused, disappointed and bitter as they grow up.

A man reveals how about his parents who separated and after seeing what his father did to a woman, little did he know it will affect him and cost him a sexually transmitted infection.

My parents separated while I was 7-years-old. We moved to mum’s home and she started hanging out with men and in the process got two more kids. I am the firstborn and it seems out of the 5 kids I am the only one who remembers most of the past. You see I hate when mum lies to my siblings about dad. 

So recently life has become more difficult, you know stuff like fees for a jobless single mum is a struggle, and as a firstborn, I’m on pressure.

Now there is this strange bitterness that stings my heart when I meet the dads to the last two siblings, I feel like they put burdens on my shoulder. I sometimes fear I can harm them.

I stayed with dad for two months which made me hate life. He brought girls in our two-bedroom house and  I used to hear everything.

There is an unforgettable mid-night that made me move from that house for good. I had been watching a football match that had ended late, it was raining heavily and as I was rushing I bumped into dad harassing a girl.

The girl was completely naked, she was receiving serious beatings and sweeps in that very rain. He had done something to her mouth coz she was not screaming. I was not seen, so I turned.

I had a friend, a lady, she had a shop nearby and I was one of her regular customers. So I decided to seek shelter from her house.

I was 19 and she was 26 but not married. She invited me to her house and things happened, she took my virginity that night.

A few days later I was diagnosed with gonorrhea. I don’t know which is worse but I have a simple conclusion: parents STOP being insensitive. 


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