7 Solid Reasons Why Kenyan Celebrities Are Snobs


Being a public figure comes with a lot of pressure. This is because there are people who look up to them and expect them to live a certain kind of lavish lifestyle.

Since most of their social media pages are filled with glam, costly cars, attending RSVP social events, dining in posh hotels, always traveling all over the world and using I-phones, fans conclude they are rich. Once they see their favorite celeb in the mall or streets, they rush to say hey and take a selfie for the gram.

But not all Kenyan celebrities are that humble! There are some who will ignore you or pretend they have not seen or heard you. Before judging them, there are certain reasons why these Kenyan celebrities ignore fans;

1.For security purposes.They are simply protecting themselves from risky situations that may threaten their security.

2. They do not want unnecessary drama. There are some celebrities who have their dirty laundry exposed and have received threats from unknown people.  Some celebs hide their identity in sun glasses to avoid any questions from the media or strangers.

3. They want their private space respected. The same way you have your own private space, celebs are entitled to it.

4. Some are just ignorant and rude. As a fan or journalist, you must learn to accept this because it’s the reality. They will only to respond to those they know and add value in their lives. Since it’s their character, you cannot change it.

5. They find it overwhelming when fans are all over them. 

6. They may be going through a rough time in their lives. Remember they are human beings like you. There are days you will meet them and they are moody. This is because they have their challenges and want their space.

7. They may be unwell. When you are unwell, your immune system is weak. This can cause distractions due to any pains or discomfort experienced. Don’t expect your favorite celeb to be excited when he or she is feeling sick.


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