Most Common Mistakes Married Couples Make

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People make mistakes, that’s normal but some misunderstandings can put your relationship in danger if you do it constantly and in the long-term, especially as a married couple.

No matter how small, a married couple shouldn’t brush a problem under the rug and ignore it because when they do, usually it only builds up into a bigger problem that would eventually be harder to handle.

Here are some of the mistakes most married couples make.

Bringing up past problems

Sometimes when trying to resolve current issues, a couple shifts their focus to past problems instead.

Either way, doing this will only make your arguments ineffective and unconstructive, especially if the two of them has agreed that the past problems are already resolved.

Not maintaining intimacy

This mistake usually made unconsciously, especially by married couples who have been married for quite some time or getting busier each day with works or kids.

As a result, the couple became distant, disconnected, and drifting apart from each other which leads to an extramarital affair.

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Allowing other people to get too involved in the relationship

In some cases, a married couple’s marriage is not exclusively involving the husband and the wife, but also the parents, in-laws, even best friends, boss, or other people outside their inner circle.

 Expecting the spouse to read your mind

This point kind of explains why communication is the key to a successful marriage.

Sometimes, married couples feel like they have known each other well enough so that their spouse should know what they feel or want without saying it out loud.



 Fighting to win

All couples fight, but some do it to find resolutions, and some simply want to vent out the anger and frustrations toward each other. Some do it even worse; they argue to prove that they’re always right and keeping the score between each other; who’s right in the last argument, who’s the loser and who wins this time.

Make a decision without consulting each other

Being in a team with your spouse means that you should always consider their opinion when making a decision, especially ones regarding the family, money, career, or other major life direction.

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