Russia vs Belgium, An unbeaten Battle

On November 16th, the contest in the 9th round of the European Cup qualifiers will continue. Group I teams will be in action tomorrow with our feature game being Russia vs Belgium, a match that will see both teams battle for the group’s first name.

At present, the visiting team, Belgium, has won eight games and managed 24 points ranking first. The home team Russia has 7 wins and 1 loss only coming from Belgium. Both teams have already qualified for the European Cup, but a victory for either of them will see the winner proceed as 1st in the group.

According to the latest national team list released by the Russian national team before the game, the striking force continues to be led by Zenit striker Juba. Along side him, Golovin and Cherichev who play for Monaco and Valencia respectively have both  been selected. Additionally, the young lad from Moscow locomotive, Alek Sheikh Milanchuk has been called up. Alex proved his personal ability and strength in the Champions League group match against Juventus where he game an awesome performance.

The Belgian striker position continues to be led by Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku, Azar and Neapolitan striker Mertens, while the midfield will be handled by Borrusia Dortmund’s Wettersell and Leicester City midfielder Tillermans. The goalkeeper position is guarded by Real Madrid’s main goalkeeper Kurtova. It can be said that Belgium has a much more staffing on each line than Russia.


From the key data of this game, Russia at home is not favored too much. On the contrary Belgium is a more dominant side. The index is at a high level when making 0.5 ball concessions, because there is still a big gap in the hard power between teams. There is still sufficient defense to Belgium, . However,  it has obviously given the home Russia with a certain amount of support. In the case of sufficient warfare between the two sides, the data is relatively match the strength of both sides.

On the winning and losing level, Russia’s home win index is as high as 3.50, which is much higher than the Belgian away game with a three-pointer of 1.98. The index of draw is also as high as 3.85. For two teams with strong attack power, this must be an fiercely offensive and defensive battle. For the Belgians, the draw is acceptable. While the Russian side must be desperate, score at least three points.


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