Yvonne Okwara Shreds Uhuru Over Broke Kenyans Remarks

President Uhuru Kenyatta rubbed Kenyans the wrong way with his remarks over being puzzled why citizens are broke.

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Yvonne Okwara, came out and tore apart Uhuru on the numerous reasons why the people are suffering.

On Thursday during the News Gang show, Okwara boldly remarked that the president should be blaming his executive that is behind the constant borrowing of loans.

President Uhurur Kenyatta during a past public function

The senior anchor reiterated that the Cabinet Secretaries were responsible for some SME’s going out of business and have a hard time making profits.

She asserted that instead of the country clearing the debt that is there, leaders moved to increase the debt ceiling to a whooping Ksh 9 trillion.

The former KTN employee pointed out that the nation had only managed to clear Ksh 10 billion from the Ksh 300 billion debt suffocating the economy.

“County governments owe another Ksh 98 billion to suppliers and that is why you ordered the release of Ksh 34 billion during the meeting with CSs and some parastatal heads,” stated Okwara.

The Royal Media Services employee highlighted that the Head of State should consider taking the gas off the pedal for development and address the current situation in the country.

The tough-talking journalist slammed Uhuru over his recent project, the Nairobi Expressway, which is set to incur a huge cost.

Okwara reminded the Commander-in-Chief that he needed to stop preaching water and drinking wine.

“Speaking of which, whatever happened to your directive to stop new projects until an audit of all existing and non-existing ongoing ones is to determine the valued for money?” the anchor posed.

Citizen Tv News Anchor Yvonne Okwara

The Dennis Pritt based journalist commented that the son of the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta should shift the blame to KRA, that has failed to meet its revenue targets in the last three years.

She ridiculed Uhuru as a man of many words yet takes no action to tackle the dire situations that are going unchecked.

“It is your second term and we expect you to have the answers to this question by now. But then again we have come to accept this style from you,” Okwara commented.

The reporter added that,”We have seen this scolding before. Most times in public from the CS of Agriculture to that of Foreign affairs and to the now very infamous ‘Nifanye nini jameni’ statement.”

Following the expose by a local daily, a source who opted for anonymity, clarified that the article angered those close to the Jubilee party head.

They proclaimed that the story should be pulled down before it caused more harm than good.

This move raised more questions than answers on why the truth of the matter was being shoved in the mud instead of it being handled in an appropriate way.

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