My Uncle’s Wife is Having an Affair With a Campus Guy – Kenyan Man Confesses

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Cheating is one thing that has affected a lot of marriages.

It is breakage of trust from one partner on another, and oftentimes, a way of telling them the relationship is over. Some were able to survive it, while others crumbled under its weight.

There is no doubt that infidelity has caused a lot of havoc on relationships but there is a side that hasn’t been seen much and that is the blossoming of new love and understanding between partners after the discovery of an affair

The simple truth is that some good may come out of the crisis of infidelity, but it is not recommended.

Below is a confession of a guy who learnt about his auntie’s infidelity and doesn’t now how to disclose it to his uncle.

Liam, I’ve got to tell someone this otherwise my brain will call it a day if I keep it to myself. I trust you will never tell anyone my identity.

I am not the kind of guy to beat around the bush so I’ll get straight to it, my uncle’s wife is sleeping with some fourth-year guy in the same college I go to. That wife is the sister to my mum(step-mom) whom to be honest with you guys I hear rumours that she was a sex commercial worker before she married my dad, but she has been a good mum let’s leave it at that.

What I want to do is tell my uncle but I still haven’t because my uncle being rich and careless might murder that guy and I will feel guilty afterwards for his death.

My family is the sole reason I will never marry a woman because of what women have put them through. First, my grandfather was poisoned by one of his wife’s, my dad is in his third marriage and he is an honest and committed man who meets the wrong kind of women, to be honest, I doubt the current marriage will be the last.

I also have another uncle in a psychiatric hospital because of women(long story) and now this latest one. I don’t know if I just watch from the sidelines or spit it all out but either way, this won’t end well. Am out Liam, thanks for the channel, by the way, I feel better.

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