Jalang’o Joins Babu Owino in Call For Jowie’s Freedom

Comedian Jalas, Jowie and their Friends Photo: Instagram

Media personality Jalang’o has joined in a call for Joseph Irungu alias Jowie released from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

According to his Instagram post, Jalas posted a photo of him and Jowie with a couple of friends in what seemed like a night out. Maybe he was trying to recall the good old days as it was evident in his caption.

“This was a good day….@jowie.jowi 😭😭 Keep holding,” Jalas wrote.

Jowie has been serving a jail term for 14 months now. Jowie alongside his former girlfriend Ms Jacque Maribe were jointly charged with murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Upon request, Jowie has been denied bail twice with judges claiming there was not enough to warrant his release on bail.


Babu Owino’s Request

Owino argues that Jowie should only be imprisoned if he is proven guilty of the murder charge he is facing over the death of Monica Kimani.

In his defence, Babu claimed the judiciary has been unfair and is being used by ‘powerful and monied’ individuals to defeat justice, who are released on bail and the ‘poor’ detained.

Owino cited a list of murder suspects who have been released on bail, linking their cases to Jowie’s who has since been in detention.

Below were some reactions on Jalang’os post:

herineedith As his friends, help him fight for his freedom…

irenejoy_the_miss Woiye 😢😢😢😢 thanks jalas

winfaith7397 Wooiye Jowie🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😥machosss tu😭

raelsimeon Jowiee🙏🏾❤️ we praying for you .you deserve justice

___mariamu___Aki woiyee. What it means to have good friends.

dianaochieng He deserves justice. To be let out on bail or bond. Si poa

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