Sonko Turns to Court for Help in EACC Battle

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has formally sued EACC Director of Investigations Abdi Mohamoud, with whom the County head has been embroiled in a public tussle since October.

Through lawyer Cecil Miller, Sonko protested rampant malicious probes by the EACC, which, he said, are the brainchild of  Mohamoud.

The governor wants the case to be certified as urgent.

EACC Director of Investigations Abdi Mohamoud

According to Sonko, the officer is out to frustrate his administration, due to the governor’s recent efforts towards eliminating land grabbing cartels that have infiltrated Nairobi County.

In an October exposé, Sonko accused Mohamoud of frustrating innocent Kenyans in their bid to salvage their parcels of land from grabbers, instead of serving his constitutional purpose.

“I would generally have a problem with individuals misusing public offices to cover-up for their crimes, while at the same time using intimidation, witch-hunt and arm-twisting tactics against those genuinely committed to fighting corruption and impunity in Kenya,” Sonko said.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

Calling on the DCI to probe Mohamoud’s conduct, Sonko decried the Director’s habit of summoning him to Integrity Centre, to record statements over unreasonable and petty matters.

“Now I can understand President Uhuru Kenyatta’s frustration with the EACC, particularly on his war against corruption, because, how is it possible to expect impartial investigations when the EACC Director of Investigations himself is mired in activities that negate the mandate of his office?” Sonko posed in the exposé.

Sonko also expressed concern over his safety following his constant conflicts with the EACC boss.

“On Tuesday, 5th November 2019, I will honour the summons by EACC…However, I will be the one to decide where my statement will be recorded within the Integrity Centre, for I know what they are capable of,” a defiant Sonko said before honouring the said summon.

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