Portugal Host Lithuania In Urgent Need Of Victory

On November 14, the ninth round of the European Cup qualifiers continued. Portugal will host Liuthnia in Lisbon.

In the last match between Portugal and Ukraine, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty in the last moment, but Portugal still Lost a 1:2 and the chance to top the group. It is the first time that Portugal had lost in the qualifiers this year.

Lithuania, on the other hand, have only managed to pick up one point in a 1-1 draw at home to Luxembourg. They have lost all the other matches and have scored just five goals. This will be an away game for them and it could turn out to be yet another poor result.

According to the key data of this game, the support for Portugal’s home win is very strong. Obviously, for the Portuguese team who lost the game in the last game, they will go all out to avoid the two-game losing streak. In the case where the lineup strength and status dominated, they really have no reason not to win the weak team Lithuania. The data also gives enough confidence to Portugal.


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