Fena Gitu’s Unexpected Reaction After Fan Claimed She Has No Boobs

Kenyan Singer Fena Gitu has been forced to respond after a fan questioned whether she has boobs.

Fena had shared a video of herself in a face mask and baggy T-shirt- hyping her new album when the fan dropped in the comment.

“Kwani Fenaa hanaga boobs, Ama?,” christian_symoh asked

The ‘steam’ hitmaker was seemingly irritated by this question but gave a very calm response implying that she is tired of addressing petty comments.

“guys please, nani atamjibu? Sina nguvu any more.” she wrote.

Since her rise in the music industry, fans have been curious about her sexuality following claims that she is lesbian.

Fena had been rumored to date Edith Kimani and the two have in several instances make Kenyans believe that they are dating by sharing cozy videos.

Apart from Kimani, the grapevine also had it that Fena and Mitchell Ntalami are an item.

None of them have ever publicly admitted being in a sexual relationship. Even so, Fena has in several instances hit back at fans who keep bothering her about her private life.

A good number of fans sided with Fena and went further to unleash savage comments addressing the fan.

Following the outrage, the fan was forced to apologize and even claimed that Fena Gitu is his number one female artist.

Have a look at the reactions

blaise_mathenge @fenamenal mwambie ulisaidia manzi yake nazo😂😂

kuindirangu @christian_symoh mpee zako

effykaydesiree @fenamenal muulize kama yeye ana balls coz hiyo si swali ya “mwanaume”😂😂😂

luc_de_wize@christian_symoh yaani you couldn’t just listen to her sweet voice and beats?? I thought all grownups got some limits though. @fenamenal all thumbs up! Your music is 🔥🔥🔥

sabrina_the_libra@christian_symoh ulikua unataka kunyonya?

mukami_imma@christian_symoh si umgawie zako🙄🙄🤐

jewelhope3 dude si you just mind your own business

her.9057@christian_symoh ata kama angekuwa nazo si ati ungewahi zikaribia .. shenzi!

ciru_rose mwambie unatoanga ukilala


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Khaaaai,🙌🙌🙌🙌Am Sorry Guys, I withdraw my Statement, @fenamenal I love your Music Siz, I love you too❤️❤️❤️, You are my number one female artist I recognize then Msupa S

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