7 Major Issues That Have Angered Kenyans About Ruto

With his current tough talks against ODM party leader Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto has once again found himself on the wrong side of most social media sites.

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Ruto, who has mastered the art of using social media sites, (twitter) to counter his perceived enemies, has for the past one week been throwing chaps at Raila for alleging that he was the mastermind behind recent chaos witnessed in Kibra by-election.

His usual whining, however, has angered a section of online users who have teamed up to mock his 2022 presidential bid.

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Among the major talking points that have kept Kenyans mocking Ruto is Jubilee’s failed promises. In 2013, Jubilee administration under President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto promised Kenyans creation of job opportunities as well as major developments.

Ruto was captured on records promising that the Jubilee government will construct state of the art stadiums in each county, something that has never matured.

Kenyans also reminded Ruto of the high cost of living as compared to Kibaki and Moi’s regime. According to most of them, corruption and misuse of public resources inside the Jubilee government had given birth to the rising inflation in the country.

Many questioned Ruto’s integrity, arguing that the DP had been mentioned in a number of graft cases in Kenya which includes allegations on land grabbing as well as major scandals which have been reported in Kenya.

Others blamed Ruto for always standing on the way of every reform in the country which is aimed at benefiting Kenyans. according to them, Ruto was being selfish and not genuine in his resistance.

Ruto was also largely associated with elections multi practices with others expressing their joy over the way Kibra by-election was conducted.

Many also accused Ruto of using social media to express his frustrations instead of facing his competitors head-on. They lamented that Ruto was copying The USA President Donald Trump.

“Kalonnzo Musyoka was once deputy president and thought he was going be the next president, now nobody remembers him being deputy president. The same will happen to , but nobody forgets the prime minister,” argued another user


However, some of the users felt that the deputy president had done enough for the country in terms of developments and infrastructure hence deserved to be given a chance to succeed his boss Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to some, Ruto was being targeted unfairly only because he had expressed his intentions to run for the presidency in 2022.

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