Seven Signs She is Wife Material

Signs She Is Wife Material (Courtesy)

Are you looking to settle down soon?

Look out for these qualities to know if your love interest is wife material.

 She Fights Fair

A couple fighting (Courtesy)

In a relationship, fights are bound to come up but how does your lover argue or fight? Is she ruthless with her words when she is hurt or does she call you names especially in public over small things? A woman who is wife material will fight fair without name-calling during disagreements unless you have really f**ked up.

 She Is Not A Liability

While it’s good to provide for your woman, your lover should be financially independent and not finesse you and drain your assets in the name of being ‘a bad b*tch’.

“A bad b*tch is a liability, a setback, a woman who is wife material is an asset,” says relationship coach Derrick Jaxn.

You Share Core Values

Lovely couple (Courtesy)

You don’t have to share all the values but you should share the must-have values like how to treat other people or sex values.

“Values. You have to have values that have some intersection. Looks, health, wealth, all changes, but of those values seem to remain the most over a longer period of time. So, the hottest woman in the world, but hates to learn and read? Goodbye. An attractive, affluent person, but tramples on others’ dignity? Bye,” reads a comment on Reddit by —tomato_paste

 She Is Genuine and Kind

She is kind (Courtesy)

A genuine woman’s intentions are pure and she doesn’t put up a façade to impress you or others. When it comes to kindness, a good way to find out if she is kindhearted is in the way she treats waiters, children and pets. If she is brash with waiters, rude to children and kicks animals, that’s a red flag.

She Is Your Best Friend

“If we can laugh our a**ess off together about something silly, share the glory of a big indulgent meal, fall asleep watching/reading something stupid together, get trapped in a sh**ty situation and laugh at it because it’s a shared adventure… That’s my girl,” reads a comment by pics-or-didn’t-happen on Reddit.

 She Is Loyal

A couple in love (Courtesy)

A good woman will maintain her loyalty and respect your relationship even when you are not there. She marks boundaries when dealing with other men and makes it clear that’s she is taken. 

However, there is a catch to this, you have to treat her right to earn her loyalty. “You never have to question her loyalty if you are treating her right,” says Jaxn.

She Will Leave You Even If She Has Invested in You

Modern culture encourages women to become ‘ride or die’ even in extremely sh**ty situations like serial cheating and mistreatment. However, a woman who is wife material will dump you’re a** in a jiffy if you don’t treat her right.

“Wife material is that woman who will leave you even if she still loves you. Even when she has invested in you for years, even if she sees the best in you or if she wants the best for you. A woman who is wife material will walk away from a relationship when she realizes that there is no more respect or trust there. A woman who is wife material will leave you,” says Jaxn.

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