Prezzo Speaks After Allegedly Getting Gang Raped

Prezzo (Instagram)

A few hours ago, news broke out that rapper Prezzo was recovering at Karen hospital after being drugged and raped by 3 women.

The women were identified as Vivian Mutheu, Patricia Nduta and Ruth Macharia who allegedly injected him with a mixture of Viagra and cocaine before abusing him sexually.

The three had allegedly been taken in for questioning and Tanzanian newspaper The Citizen even quoted a police officer stationed at Karen police.

Prezzo (Instagram)

“The three women Vivian Mutheu, Patricia Nduta, and Ruth Macharia are the suspects behind the evil act and are business partners to the singer,” the police officer allegedly said.

Prezzo has now taken to Instagram in a bid to clear his name.

“There is a story going around about me. I just want to clear my name. To everybody who called to check op on me, it goes to show that you love and care about me. I am not in a hospital. Whatever stories put out there about me are false info, I am alive and kicking,” he said on Instagram Live.

Viagra Rumours

Prezzo is the latest victim of a Vigara rumour. In 2018, Willy Paul was said to have been admitted at MP Shah Hospital after overdosing on Spedra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

“Gospel musician Willy Paul rushed to MP Shah Hospital after taking an overdose of sex stimulant drug alleged to be Spedra. Spedra is 10 times stronger than Viagra. The controversial artist was having a nice time with his girlfriend in Parklands Estate,” read the fake viral message.

Willy Paul (Instagram)

Willy Paul quickly squashed the story claiming that he was too young for such drugs and that he is abstaining from sex till marriage.

“I wasn’t admitted in hospital plus at my age how will I be using Viagra? Mimi Kwanza naabstain hadi nioe. After this story nikasema I wish kuna tu wale walikua wamepitia kwa mikono yangu watokee tu waseme Willy hakuangi hivyo. Willy hatumiangi hizo vitu but unfortunately hakuna wenye wanaweza tokea juu niliamua kuabstain tu until marriage,” Willy Paul said on Mambo Mseto.

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