5 Outstanding Qualities Of A Good Sponsor Every Kenyan Girl Should Look Out For


We are living in a generation whereby young girls want to live luxurious lives where they get to travel, wear designer clothes, rent a serviced apartment that Mr. sponsor will be visiting when he feels like having sex or spend money buying expensive human hair wigs.

Living the expensive life is what matters to them, they do not care about the marriages they are destroying. Before getting a sponsor, every woman needs to know not all sponsors are a walk in the park.

Most of them want sexual pleasure and end up ruining your life.

Before getting trapped with an evil sponsor, here are qualities of a good sponsor that will treat you like a queen;

1. He is generous. He should never be stingy! He should be sending you monthly and weekly allowance which will cater to what you need.

Do not expect him to be spoiling you with expensive gifts like cars because it may ruin your relationship with him.

That is very personal but he should never say no. Some sponsors are very stingy and they do not care because they know you are relying on them.

2. He fulfills his promises. If he has promised to do something, he should do it and be consistent at it because he agreed to the conditions.

For instance, if he had told you that he will book a private jet for your next vacation, get you a Rolex or buy you a house, simply watch if he will do as he promised.

When he comes around with excuses, ditch him.

3. He is persistent in sex but not too much. Yes, you have made an agreement that sex is a must but there are days you may not be in the mood. He should understand and respect that.

4. He is not resentful. Once you notice your sponsor getting bitter suddenly because you have not had made love to him, cooked for him in the rented serviced apartment or shouts you. Be warned he may one day decide to physically abuse you or kill you.

5. He is easy to talk to and communicate with. In every relationship communication is key. It may not be easy because of the main woman, she may start suspecting that something is not right. A good sponsor will ensure to create time to talk, listen to you and answer you politely.


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