Signs Nairobi Ladies Show When They Want to Take Friendship to Another Level


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Love comes in different ways. Some like to say what they feel, and there are others who would rather express or show it.

Often women think that they’re giving clear signals, and if the man’s not responding, they take it as a rejection. Men, however, are not aware in such situations and both parties walk away unfulfilled.

You may have found yourself in a scenario where a beautiful lady is a seated by you at a club or lounge and she let you buy her a drink, seem as though she is enjoying your company and you think to yourself that her actions are normal. There is a chance she may be flirting or not.

This is because women are raised to be polite and men sometimes mistake friendliness for flirtation.

Below are scenarios that prove a Kenyan lady might be interested in taking the relationship to a higher level.

Her language style matches yours

If a woman repeats your phrases or uses words similar to yours, there is a high chance she is flirting. This should act as a red flag that she actually wants to take the date/friendship to another level.

She thinks deeply

One sure way to know if she’s thinking is to ask an open-ended question such as “If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?” about 10 minutes into the conversation. How she answers the question should be your lead on how much she is into you.

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She’s into your touch

When everything else fails, you can rely on subtle touching. How about if you “accidentally” touched the back of her hand with your hand, or let your foot brush up against her foot. If she allows it, that’s a good sign she’s comfortable and doesn’t mind.

Her pupils grow

When a person is emotionally or sexually aroused, the pupil dilates and enlarge to about ten times its original size. This involuntary action is a sure sign of attraction.

Engages in Conversation

Some men look at women that are responsive to them and think that they are interested in them. However, what you really want is a woman who is very engaged. If she’s asking questions, she’s invested in your conversation.

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