Form 3 Girl Killed, Friend Raped After Attending Disco Matanga

A family in Busia County is mourning the death of their Form Three daughter, who was murdered while going home from a dance party in Samia area.

The deceased, together with her friend, had attended a Disco Matanga event at Bumanyi village, according to her aunt.

When returning home from the overnight mourning ceremony, a man allegedly trailed the two girls into the night, bewildered villagers said.

Youth at a past Disco Matanga event

He is then believed to have launched the attack that claimed the life of the teenager, also raping and badly injuring her female accomplice.

According to area residents, the murdered Busicho Secondary School student was new to the area.

A medic at the hospital where the defiled victim is admitted noted that her injuries indicate that she was most likely hit with a blunt object on her neck.

Although she recovered from the unconscious state in which she was rushed to hospital in, the victim remained in a state of confusion as she nursed additional bruises and open wounds.

Yeye mwenyewe alikuwa hajielewi (she was not aware of her surroundings),” the nurse said.

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