Best of MCA Mary Njambi Alias ‘Kirimino’ Hilarious Moments

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Mary Njambi Alias ‘Kirimino’ (Courtesy)

In 2018, Mary Njambi aka ‘Kirimino’ or ‘Mafirifiri’ rose to fame after getting sprayed with pepper spray during an attempt to evict Speaker Elachi from office.

Since then, the nominated MCA Mary Njambi has proven that there will never be a dull moment at the Nairobi County Assembly as long as she is around.

The MCA who is known as ‘Kirimino’ or ‘Mafirifiri’ is back with yet another video which has caused an uproar online. This was after hilariously complaining about MCAs carrying guns to city hall. The incident took place on Monday when a section of MCAs tried to oust Majority Leader Abdi Guyo in the lastest power struggle.

Below are times MCA Njambi graced our screens with her hilarious antics:

Forced to run after gunshot fired during speech to media

On Monday, during an attempt to oust the Majority leader, Njambi was captured in video footage complaining about MCAs carrying guns to city hall.

Many media houses ran for her interview and as usual, she did not disappoint with her usual drama coupled with some touch of comedy.

“Si watu watakufa? Kama mimi sina mabunduki kwa hivyo DCIO akuje anyang’anye maMCA mabunduki ( Will people not die? Like me I dont have a gun, therefore, DCI should come and snatch the MCAs those guns,” said Njambi.

Mary Njambi aka Mama phiriphiri- Nairobi MCAs allegedly carry guns in the assembly

Posted by Giverson Maina on Monday, 11 November 2019

When she had no idea about her MCA role

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo, Ms Njambi detailed how her MCA nomination came as a surprise to her. When she asked about the job description, she was told she will learn on the job.

She said she was notified of her nomination just three days to the swearing-in ceremony.

“Akaniambia wewe uko nominated, waah nilishindwa, nominated aje? Nikauliza, na kazi ya nominated ni gani? Akaniambia utajua tu,” she said during the interview.

Nominated Nairobi MCA Hon Mary Njambi admits that she doesnt know what her job entails even after being nominated , seriously Kenyans we have a serious problem we must start a Sober Conversation about this seats we created for rewarding 'certain people' …Watch the video till the end …..Si hii ni krimino ???????Mapiripiri!!!!!

Posted by Patrick Parto Mugoh on Tuesday, 2 October 2018


While Facing Nairobi County Assembly Powers and Privileges Committee

In February 2019, Njambi and three of her colleagues were kicked out for 10 working days over gross misconduct. A report from Nairobi County Assembly Powers and Privileges Committee said their behaviour was uncalled for despite having differences with Elachi.


Posted by Kevin Teya on Friday, 28 September 2018


When MCAs Physically Wanted to Eject Elachi

In September last year, during Beatrice Elachi’s eviction as the Nairobi County Speaker, social media was ablaze after nominated MCA Mary Njambi became the trending topic following her famous “Hiyo Ni Kirimino” phrase. MCA Mary Njambi was at the centre stage of the protests.

Hapana ekea Mca wako Mafirifiri kwa macho😳Hio ni krimino,hio ni Krimino,Kenya sihami😂

Posted by Queen Renee on Wednesday, 12 September 2018

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