Diamond’s Manhood Print While Hugging Wizkid Excites Fans

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has excited fans after a photo of his manhood print went viral.

The singer was hugging Wizkid during their performance at Wasafi festival when hawked-eyed fans spotted the outline of  his mjuols.

One social media user boldly suggested that Diamond is well endowed. He also added that all women Diamond has slept with indeed quality as heroines because of their persevering spirit.

“#Zari #Tanasha #Hamisa hao wanawake nimashujaa sana. Ukiacha drama za huyu Dai kuna mambo wanavmilia mazito” he stated

This is not the first time Diamond has made his fans curious about his package.

During the previous wasafi festival, Diamond stepped out in shorts that partly showed his manhood print.

Although it might not be a thing he does intentionally, men appreciate it when they get compliments for their package.

Have a look at the comments


Maashaallah mashallah maashaallah dah saaafiiii😋😋😋


Aki sii munamtanani Sana


Watu wana zoom mpka ududu😂😂😂


@storyzatowntz mzoom mpka kende zake💃


Wote hao saa hizi K zimelegea


Wazee wa ku Zoom mpo


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