Bahati’s wife Diana Marua opens up about post partum depression

Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua recently revealed on her Youtube Channel, Diana Bahati how she underwent postpartum depression after delivering her two children, Heaven and Majesty Bahati.

Heaven Bahati and Majesty Bahati

According to Mrs. Bahati when she delivered Heaven it was the worst time of her life. She did not have enough support from her husband, Bahati. He was always busy attending meetings and performing which made him get home late.

Diana Marua with her newborn Majesty Bahati

I remember at that particular time my hubby became busy out of the blues all over sudden. He is coming home late, when he arrives he just wants to sleep, in the morning he tells me he has an early meeting and I have been with the baby the whole day. I have breastfed, changed the diapers, done everything and the baby is still crying, fussy and you don’t know what to do. It can be very hectic, she says.

The Youtuber advised mothers who are going through postpartum depression that no situation is permanent. She said that it’s only a matter of time when the baby will have grown up and you will thank God for standing strong.

Diana added that no matter what you are going through as a mother, one should always pray and speak life to their children because you do not their destiny.

Whatever comes from your mouth is what you are planting in that child’s heart,” she added.

The mother of three concluded by advising fathers that they should take a paternity two weeks leave to bond with the baby, support and help your wife since she is healing.

Diana Marua with husband Kevin Bahati

If your woman is expectant or has delivered, take paternity leave for two weeks so that you can bond with the baby, be there for your wife because she is healing. When she is resting, feed the baby if she has expressed the milk. Cook for her meal and many more, Mrs. Bahati advises.







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