5 Harmful Secrets Nairobi Women Hide From Their Husbands

The ultimate goal of a relationship is to be able to find someone you can be with, and share everything with.

However, for our Nairobi ladies, things are different. Even when they find someone a man they can openly speak anything with, some still find it hard to be completely honest.

The secret to a happy marriage may be in love, trust and faithfulness as most believe, but it is also some harmless lies that keep it going.
Though, some have the potential of a deeper impact. Here’s a cheat sheet of so-called mistruths/secrets that Nairobi women are most likely to tell their husbands.

They are Lesbians

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Many of these Nairobi women are Bisexuals and they are usually afraid of how their partners would respond on knowing. With an African setting that hardly believes in having a partner from the same gender, some women would rather take this secret to the grave.

It would usually take women a lot for a woman to reveal this secret to their partners and a majority would rather not.


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With times getting hard each passing day, Nairobi women are fully of surprises. Some might indulge in acts just to give them that extra coin. Truth to the core, one of the biggest secrets these women keep from their men is the fact that they once terminated their pregnancy. Some women prefer keeping an abortion secret because most still feel bad about it.


While a lot of men believe that they are excellent in bed, truth is it takes some level of effort and commitment to get women to orgasm and very little women notify their partners of this weakness.

A lot of women get bored of having sex with their partners and never get to tell them because they feel they will be hurting the egos of their men.

Health Issues

When a health issue becomes big and is a cause for worry, women go mum about the whole thing until they investigate it all by themselves. They somehow feel it will go away by itself and don’t want to distress their husband till the very end, even though he might be the best support to lean on.

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They Cheated

Quite a number of women will hide the fact that they are cheating frim their men. While there are anumber of different reasons why women may cheat on their partners ranging from revenge to the fun of it, a lot are people to keep it a secret.

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