Leave Us Alone – Machachari’s Sofia Shouts After Breakup Rumours

Sharon and her husband (Instagram)

Over time, there have been numerous articles concerning Sharon Mutuku aka Sofia Machachari’s marriage.

However, a recent article by a local blog seemed to be her tipping point.

“In 2018, word had it Sofia’s husband had sought comfort in another woman and would always get too close for comfort with her in local pubs. Earlier on, Sofia was spotted sliding into a mzungu’s inbox in pursuit of a good time and some company,” read the post on social media.

Sharon Mutuku (Instagram)

A visibly vexed Sharon took to social media in a bid to make it clear that her marriage is good. She seemed particularly offended that the article was written by a woman and called her out for it.

Sharon Mutuku’s post (Instagram)

“Let my marriage be…puh I’m still happily married, what disgusts me it’s that a lady penned this. Leave us Alone,” she posted.

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