Google Takes Down Ethic’s Raunchy Tarimbo Song Despite Apology

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Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua is a happy man after Google finally took down the controversial Tarimbo video song.

Taking to his Facebook account, DR. Mutua revealed that, the raunchy song by the Ethics Entertainmet band is now totally deleted from YouTube following the public outcry.

The moral cop went on to say that, the Gengetone artists were served with the first warning and that if they continue to produce violation video songs their YouTube channel will be deactivated.

“Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation the channel will be totaling deactivated,” he said.

“We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children”.

He went on to reveal that Citizen TV 10 over 10 show which sparked online debate a few days ago will soon be off air together with other channels that corrupt the morals of innocent children.

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“Soon such filth like 10/10 will also be off the air and those using such channels to corrupt the morals of our children will have their recompense here and in the life to come,” he disclosed.

Tarimbo video song  debate
Hours after the Gengetone boy band released the Tarimbo song, Kenyans online called for the ban of the song since it was promoting violence against women.
Led by DR. Mutua, who called for the arrest of the artists behind the song and further wrote to google to delete it.

“I have spoken to Google to take down the damn crap called Tarimbo by Ethic Entertainment which advocates for rape of women. Promoting violence against women is criminal. The DCI should arrest the entire bunch of musicians called Ethic, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed delimitations on freedom of expression by advocating for violence against women. When we banned Wamlambez people said we were killing creativity. I asked these nincompoops if they could shout Wamlambez before their mothers and they said they could. I was baffled,” said Dr. Mutua.

Ethics apology

The group later issued an apology after releasing the song.

In a statement shared on their Twitter page, the group made it clear that they had no intention of hurting anyone.

They went on to add that they have enough respect for women since they are sons to their mothers and brothers to their sisters.

“As Ethic Entertainment, we are truly remorseful for any dolor caused by the lyrics to our single, and for every single person that was triggered to a displeasing memory or emotion by it, receive our sincere apologies. Rest assured that no disrespect was intended,” said Ethic.


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