Customer Braves Gunshots, Foils Robbery in Kasarani

It only takes a moment of bravery for an individual to be termed as a hero.

A customer in an unidentified place in Kasarani, earned that title after he risked his life to thwart a robbery attempt at an Mpesa shop.

In a video seen by this reporter, it looked like a normal evening with the usual day to day transaction going on at the small infrastructure.

Man holding a gun

The daring customer enters the shop and finds a lady being attended to and opts to wait for his turn.

Immediately after the lady vacates the building, two suspicious looking men make their way into the retail looking store and strategically position themselves.

One of the criminals wearing a yellow jacket and a red cap, gives way to another female shopper who exits the place while another wearing a black marvin and a red jacket, heads into the other end of the store.

The male customer and the Mpesa agent are both unaware of the danger lurking behind them.

Ensuring the coast is clear, the suspect at the entrance, pulls out a gun and points it at the male buyer asking him to lie down on the floor.

The gun wielding thug then shifts his attention to the agent and demands for money while threatening to shoot.

The thief nervously keeps looking outside to ensure that no one foils the ongoing operation.

Satisfied and still in fear, he moves closer to the stall and the agent is seen screaming for help.

When the robber went in to grab the agent, the customer ceased the moment and landed a punch on the unsuspecting thief.

Stunned by the twist of events, the criminal opens fire while trying to fight of the man but the individual clings on him in an attempt to disarm the robber.

The shopper decided to retreat and was still being shot at by the two who eventually manage to get away.

The incident becomes a second one to hit the area after a similar one took place in February 2019.

A gang of thugs made their way into a gaming store at Sunton area and robbed the gamers and took the TV screens that were being used.

Armed robbers carry out brazen raid at game shop in Kasarani.

Armed robbers carry out brazen raid at game shop in Kasarani.

Posted by Nairobi News on Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The recent incidents have raised an uproar of the rise of crime in the area and the residents called for the police to be vigilant in their work.

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