Funny Accent and 4 Other Ways to Identify a Kenyan From ‘Majuu’

In a few coming weeks, we will welcome students and professionals living in Europe and the US.

Okay simply put our ‘Diaspora’ brothers and sisters are coming home this December, sometimes displaying real or imaginary culture shock.

Summer bunnies love roomy, hanging t-shirts most of them emblazoned with the name of some American city, state or a university.

Here are ways you can identify a summer bunny/Kenyan from Majuu:

‘I garra go’ Accent

A little too obvious but our brothers and sisters who are set to jet in a few weeks for their holidays will come with this heavy accent that just confuses us.

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They will be speaking to us as if their noses are blocked and you can’t even get a thing they are saying. The worst of this lot are guys have only left for a year and are now pretending they can’t speak in  their mother tongue…Pooh!!

Sense of fashion

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You can easily tell a summer bunny from a distance just by observing their dress code. They will resemble those of foreigners, like putting on funny chains, either too tight or baggy jeans and very expensive shoes.

Flashy Foreign Notes in Their Wallet

If you happen to attend a party with a summer bunny, they will ensure that they open their wallets so wide that you can see a few notes in dollars. Boom! There comes another sign. A typical Kenyan who lives around will not even carry a dollar in their wallet, what would be it’s use anyway?

Partying Everyday

Image result for Men eating nyama choma

Summer Bunnies are here on vacation, every day in December is a pop a drink day. They went to kick asses off the entire year and they are back with a bang ready to party all night long. It’s a real parte after parte situation.

Lifestyle Changes

For some, Pizzas and fried chicken is what keeps them going so they wouldn’t actually envy having that. They want something local like Nyama choma. Kamaki’s along Ruiru by-pass or Njuguna’s will be their stop every day for some nyama choma and a cold Tusker. They would literally take this as their meal each passing day.

Be on the look out for them this December!

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