Romantic Ways Kenyan Men Are Picking Their Ladies at The Airport

With Summer bunnies on their way, JKIA will most definitely be full of incoming and outgoing passengers.

Many of us will be at the airport to pick our loved ones with whom we have not seen in a while.

Sometimes, a two-day trip could feel like forever when your loved one goes away without you. And if she’s been gone two months, then your reunion at the airport will really be an ‘Over the Moon’ Moment.

Greeting your partner at the airport with more than just a smile shows her how much she was missed and makes her never want to leave again.

Whatever the circumstances, how you receive your loved one at the airport is crucial in a successful reconnection with your sweetheart.

Below are romantic ways Kenyan men are welcoming their ladies at the airport.

Hire a Limo

Getting a limousine for an hour or two to drive you to the airport for the pickup is perfect! Except the impact that its a luxury car, your sweetheart can focus on one another during the ride home instead of watching the road. If a car and driver isn’t in your budget, ask a friend to play chauffeur and decorate the windows of your car with “Welcome home!” messages a washable window paint.

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Buy a Gift

Pick up a slice of his favourite pizza on the way to the airport, or present him with a container of his favourite cookies or a pair of tickets for a sports game or concert the next day. If your partner is returning home after a long stretch away or is a long-distance love visiting your hometown, use your location as the inspiration for your gifts.

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Create a Placard

If you don’t mind a few admiring stares, greeting your loved one with handmade signs is a public declaration of love she probably yearns for. Channel your inner child and decorate a poster board with markers and paint, writing messages like “Welcome Home.”


Sometimes if you really want to be extra, you could hire some dancers or even local singing groups like Kayamba Africa. You could hire a parade band and make a grand reception for her as she walks out.

Hiring a Billboard

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Eric Omondi did this and you could consider doing it too. Just talk with the relevant authorities and enquire about the prices and the size as well.

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