I Have Been Beating My Pregnant Wife – Kenyan Man Cries

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Many ladies have this problem; dating a violent man.

Reports of violence in marriages and relationships are extremely high with women on the receiving end of their highly volatile partner.

The most shocking thing is that these women on the receiving end of violence still can’t leave the relationship.

Why they can’t leave is another topic for another day. Dating a violent man would bring you nothing but trouble. Below is a confession of a man who has been beating his wife and is still forgiven.

Let me confess this here, I hope I will feel better. A week ago I hit my wife and she got admitted for four days in the hospital. She is a month pregnant with our first baby is what I came to learn later. That was not the first time I’ve hit her, I have control issues and get angry at petty issues very fast.

It’s a problem I have tried my best to control, even spending millions on psychiatrists both local and international for a period ranging over 10 years. I can also admit that there was a time I considered trying witchcraft but I backed out a final minute, that’s something I have never told anyone.

This whole week I’ve spent most of my nights at nightclubs drinking because I feel terrible about it. Let me tell you something about me and my wife. We met at a nightclub, she didn’t have the “clean” past that most guys want in a woman but we fell in love. In a period of 5 years, we have separated 3 times and during the separations, I lived with 6 women but I still come back to this one.

To a certain extent she understands my problem, there was a time I slapped her twice hard then she hugged me immediately. She has never told anyone I can sometimes get aggressive because all the people from her family treat me very well. There was this time we separated and her mother passed by at work then told me to forgive her daughter because she can be annoying times but she had left me because I beat her that time so the next day I went to her and she forgave me then we reconciled.

Her mother was right, she can be annoying sometimes but I know that’s one of her characters or she is just being a woman so I tend to ignore it but it sometimes contributes to the hits she gets from me. Were it not for me having a senior position at work, I think I would have been fired a long time ago, I don’t have a male best friend because of my anger issues.

I wish there was something I can do to bring down my temper. I am thinking of telling my wife to go live with her parents during the pregnancy period but at the same time, I feel this might be the period that will change me because this one has affected me deeper and for longer.

If only they could make a device that deactivates hands when someone has a hot temper, I would buy it at any price because I might lose her for good one day. if you have defeated anger, feel free to tell the admin I could make use of your method. Thank for the platform.

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