Anataka Kuwa Mbunge! Nandy Copys Harmonize in Releasing Magufuli Song

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Tanzania musician Nandy released a song praising Tanzania president Pombe Magufuli for the good things he has been doing for the country.

This came months after fellow musician Harmonize also released a song titled Magufuli which was all about praising him.

Fans did not take this lightly as they felt that she had just copied Harmonize may be looking forward to the same favors he received from the president after the song captured his attention.

Magufuli endorsed Harmonize for a political seat. “Where does he come from? Tandahimba? Who is the MP there? Then I would love for him to be the MP for Tandahimba because I applaud his good job,” he said.


Luyo Likoko Well, labda like yangu moja haina maana but you have just ruined Ninogeshe for me. I am a Kenyan and I understand little about TZ politics but I have heard Magufuli speak. I know I definitely do not agree with his view on democracy or rights of pregnant students. It’s a big no

Zey Zeynah Kinoti This is a way to be noticed and recommended for a political seat..

Franciscar Achieng Hapo siko mm ya konde iko sawa


@milli.millan.3 definitely it’s a copy game


@milli.millan.3 sio urasikia mtu akisema ndio ilivyo hata dia mwenyewe kaona bora amtaje magu na yy aambiwe utakua mbuge


Naona unatafu kibarua cha kupiga kampeni

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In the midst of haters, Nnady’s die hard fans praised her singing saying that shehad doen it better than Harmonize. Check out the praises below which she recived fro her fans.

Official Ida Keys
19 hours ago

Team Nandy Mpo wapi Jamani Leteni Like zenu kwamara Nyingi Tena Twende sambaba na**The African Princess***** Wa Fan’S Mpooo

Phelix Joseph
12 hours ago

I always enjoy Nandy “African Princes” songs, pia namkubali Rais Magufuli though i’m a kenyan, where the likes from both TZ and Kenya

20 hours ago

Kama umeipenda Kama Mimi piga like Kisha ingia kwenye channel yangu sabscribe 🇰🇪🇰🇪

Thomas Landwhale
21 hours ago

Di African Princess.. With a nice soft voice as usual… I know you don’t disappoint us.. Keep it up Princess.. Love from Doha +974

Magohboy VeVo
20 hours ago

Love u nandy nitakupata wapi uniembie💛💛💛 Wapi likes zangu

Jay Classic
20 hours ago

Actually am proud of the tanzanian musicians they also knw how to prayz politicians who are hardworking..

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